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What If…

Show Producers
Brent E. Huffman
Daffodil Altan
Jeffrey Plunkett

Joan Bieder
Bob Calo
Linda Schacht

What If… introduces you to four stories from around the globe: a Native American radio deejay fighting against the big money of tribal casinos, a French-Muslim girl struggling to balance the traditions of Islam with the secular traditions of France, a Chinese film star determined to chart her own course, and a family from Argentina hoping to make the jump from family-farming to eco-tourism.

Although separated by oceans and language and history, these stories are linked by a common optimism and a common struggle.  These characters have taken it upon themselves to make their lives better, daring to ask the question: What if?

What If… won a National College Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in March 2005.

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