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The Weight of the World

Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Brent E. Huffman

Sachi Cunningham

Jon Else

Deborah Hoffmann

The Weight of the World is a 20-minute film about a side of Afghanistan you haven’t seen.

There is an unfamiliar sound throughout contemporary Kabul; it is the clink of metal hitting metal. It is hard not to notice the young men who are eagerly congregating in small rooms.

No, these men are not gathering to form new terrorism cells, but to pump iron…

Bodybuilding has become enormously popular among hundreds young men in this war torn country. There are over fifty new weight lifting gyms in Kabul alone, using old weights from the Soviet invasion in the 70′s. There are ten-foot tall handmade billboards of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscular image overlooking the city as it struggles to rebuild its citizens and itself as a country.