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Winter update on Saving Mes Aynak

This January, “Saving Mes Aynak” will stream on Netflix! The film is also now available with Spanish subtitles, making it easier to share at bilingual workplaces and schools.

The special edition DVD of “Saving Mes Aynak” is on sale!  The DVD features 15 minutes of never-seen-before scenes from Mes Aynak, as well as closed captions and foreign language subtitles in French, German, Italian, and Japanese.


“Saving Mes Aynak” had many successful screenings around the world and in the U.S this fall.

In October, the film screened in Athens, Greece at AGON, the 10th annual International Meeting of Archaeological Films. “Saving Mes Aynak” was incredibly well received and went on to win the Grand Prize of the fest!

At the end of October, the film screened both in France at ICRONOS, the International Archaeological Film Festival in Bordeaux, and in Virginia at the American Conservation Film Festival. At both festivals, audiences and jury members alike continued to fall in love with the film, being awarded both the Grand Prize and the Audience Award at ICRONOS and winning the Green Spark award, highlighting conservation heroes, at the American Conservation Film Festival.

In November, the film traveled the world from the United States, to Europe, to the Middle East. The film first stopped in Lebanon for the Beirut Art Film Festival and then played the next day in Cooperstown, NY at Glimmerglass Film Days. “Saving Mes Aynak” had a successful full-house screening there, on the shores of Lake Otsego, and had a wonderful post-screening discussion lead by Hannah Bloch, NPR Digital Editor and former Time correspondent in Afghanistan.

At The International Festival of Archaeological Films of Bidasoa in San Sebastian Spain, “Saving Mes Aynak” won big, taking home both the Grand Prize of the Jury and the Audience Favorite Award.  It’s the first time in the 15 years of the festival that a single film has taken home both prizes.

Panelists announce “Saving Mes Aynak” as the Grand Prize winner at ICRONOS, France, to the 350+ person audience

“Saving Mes Aynak” broadcast on Histoire, a French TV channel, five times throughout October and November. “Saving Mes Aynak” continues to be available on VOD and on air on the Buddhist True Network (BTN) of South Korea.

We were very honored to participate in the 2016 edition of the China Onscreen Biennial as a part of the Dunhuang Projected sidebar. We first screened at the UCLA Film & Television Archives which started with a 30-minute meditation session and ended with a discussion, via Skype, with Director Brent Huffman. Last week, Brent attended the second screening for the Biennial at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Both screenings were incredibly well attended and mark a very important step in raising awareness of Mes Aynak in the United States.

It’s such an honor to receive this great recognition from the international archaeology community and to continue to share the film in meaningful programs around the world. Thank you!

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