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Saving Mes Aynak goes to the National Gallery and UCLA Film and Television Archive!

Saving Mes Aynak will be featured at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC on Nov 27 as part of the China Onscreen Biennial (COB), a curated showcase of Chinese film and media arts for American audiences. Brent will attend the screening in person.

In COB’s 3rd biennial, Saving Mes Aynak will be a part of a sidebar program called Dunhuang Projected, named after the eponymous town in the Gobi Desert in northwestern China that was an important nexus of the Silk Road from 400-1400 CE, and the gateway for Buddhism from India into China. The town’s complex of caves hold the largest extant collection of Buddhist art in the world, and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

City of Dunhuang, China. Photo: EveryChina News

City of Dunhuang, China. Photo: EveryChina News


Traveling across the continent for this series, Saving Mes Aynak will screen at the UCLA Film and Television Archive in Los Angeles on November 9. Brent will appear at the post-screening Q&A via Skype.

It’s a great honor to be part of a cross-cultural dialogue through the art of film in two of the most prestigious institutions in the film world!

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